Welcome To Our Cheerleading Program!

Our exciting and rewarding cheer classes are designed to teach you or your child all aspects of the incredible sport of cheerleading. Students in these classes will work on tumbling, stunting, jumps, motions, and techniques to help them reach their full potential in this great sport. Our cheer tumbling classes focus on the tumbling skills needed in today's challenging cheerleading performances. All levels of cheerleaders (beginner through college) will benefit from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our tumbling and cheer classes provide a big boost to students trying out for a competitive or school cheerleading squad, but are also a positive learning experience for those girls and boys who want to improve their tumbling skills in a safe and positive environment. We also offer various cheerleading and tumbling clinics throughout the year.

Spirit Elite Competitive Cheerleading:
Spirit Elite is located at our Mid Rivers location in St. Peters and has always been a leader in the cheerleading world and the tradition continues. Our staff is safety certified as well as credentialed through the United States All Star Federation (USASF). Our staff is educated, experienced, and dedicated to the sport of cheerleading. Spirit Elite is a quality program with character, style, excellence. We care about each individual child regardless of age or level. To learn more about our Spirit Elite All-Star Cheerleading program, visit www.spiritelite.net.

Cheer & Tumbling Class Descriptions

Cheer Basics I
This is a “welcome to cheerleading” class for our young athletes ages 4-6. Athletes will learn the basics of motions, jumps, tumbling, dance and stunts.

Cheer Basics 2 
Ever wanted to be a cheerleader?  This is your opportunity to learn the ropes!  Cheer Basics 2 is for older athletes, ages 7-12.  We will learn basic motions, jumps, cheers, stunts, and tumbling skills.

Level 1 Beginner Tumble:
Athletes in Level 1 Beginner Tumble will learn the very basics of tumbling, building a strong foundation to help progress through their tumbling careers. Here athletes will learn roll, cartwheel, handstand bridge, and kickover skills. Athletes will also begin learning the body shapes necessary for sucess in tumbling.

Level 2 Advanced Tumble:
This class is designed for tumblers who have mastered the basic tumble skills. Athletes in this class will continue to build on the basic tumbling skills already learned. Skills learned are backbends, walkovers, handstand forward roll, and round-offs, as well as continuing to reinforce proper body shapes through all skills.

Handspring 101:
In level 2, athletes begin learning standing and running back handsprings. With Handspring 101 classes, athletes will be introducted and attempt to master standing and running single back handsprings.

Handspring 102:
After the athlete masters running and standing single back handsprings, it will be time to learn multiple back handsprings in a row, rebounding out of these skills, and variation skills such as back handspring step outs. Athletes will also be introduced to front handspring and multiple front handsprings.

Level 3 Tumble:
Level 3 tumbling is where athletes really begin to take to the air! In level 3, athletes will learn how to perform aerial skills such as running back tuck tumbling passes, front tucks, and aerial cartwheels.

Level 4 Tumble:
In level 4 tumbling, athletes will continue developing their aerial skills. Tumbling skills learned will be front and back layout passes, standing tucks, connection aerial skills, and introduction to twisting.

Level 5 Tumble:
The highest level class we offer! This is where athletes learn to twist in their aerial skills. Tumbling skills learned will be back and front twisting and connecting aerial skills to twisting aerial skills.